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The Bar is On The Floor

Written By: Christian DeNormandie

TW; Mention of R*pe and SA

Stop praising men for the bare minimum! Recently on TikTok we saw a trend in which girls make videos entitled “men I would trust to hold my drink at a party”, where they would then go and tag different content creators, internet influencers, and celebrities. The videos are simply saying these are men who I trust to not drug and rape me. We praise men for not assaulting us, for not raping us, for understanding the word no, for understanding consent. We can no longer sit here and allow ourselves to be impressed when they show us respect and basic human decency. DO NOT CONGRATULATE THEM. We, as women, sit there and we deal with the hate, with the bullying, with the assault men put us through and then we act surprised and proud when a man says he’ll respect your boundaries. We’re tired of catching others calling boys a king because they say something somewhat respectful of women or other minorities. THIS IS EMBARRASSING. Raise your fucking standards because this right here is the bare minimum.

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