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supporting the black beauty community

Written By: Sophia Hopper @sophia._.april

Photo Credits: @gethyperskin

There are many ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement including donating and protesting, but one method many people don’t think about has to do with what you put on your hair and face. Beauty! Here are some awesome black-owned beauty brands to purchase from:

Let’s get hyper!

Hyper Skin is a skincare brand owned by Desiree Verdejo, a mom who, during her pregnancy, realized her skin started to have a ton of breakouts. When she couldn’t find products that would successfully treat it, she created Hyper Clear, a vitamin C serum that treats hyperpigmentation and fine lines/wrinkles and brightens the overall look of your skin. While this product especially helps people of color who suffer from acne, this can be used by everyone.

Check out their Instagram: @gethyperskin

Sharpen your baking skills!

You might have heard of Beauty Bakerie from countless influencers like James Charles and Jeffree Star praising their packaging, shade range, and owner’s backstory, and for good reason. Beauty Bakerie is a makeup brand created in 2011 by single mom Cashmere Nicole, who is also a breast cancer survivor. This brand is inclusive of all skin colors, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. What mostly entices the buyer’s however, is the adorable packaging. Each product is made to look like an item you would usually find in your kitchens such as egg cartons and cake mixes.

Check out their Instagram: @beautybakeriemakeup

New hairdo anyone?

Want to go blue-haired for a day? What about pink? Well, Mysteek Naturals has got you covered. It’s a new and upcoming hair color brand that strives to make your hair fun and colorful without using any dyes, developers, or chemicals. The owner, Electra S. Davis, wanted to create a fun and all-natural way to color your hair without worrying about how your hair would look or react the day after. With a creme like consistency, you’ll have no problem easily applying it to your hair, plus, their 12 color line which features blues, pinks, reds, and many more shades is super fun to choose from.

Check out their Instagram: @mysteeknaturals

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