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Predicting Fashion Trends In 2021

Written By: Sydney McAllister-Bowen

Photo Credit: Pinterest (message for credit)

The year of 2020 was full of unanticipated cultural events that profoundly affected the conversations we had, the things we experienced, and the clothing we wore. Undoubtedly, each and every one of us is hoping for the year of 2021 to be filled with love, and optimism that the light at the end of the dark tunnel will finally shine through. In light of the highly anticipated New Year, let's take a look at the predicted fashion trends of 2021!


The pandemic reminded us that clothing has an innate connection to our self-esteem and self-expression. Intricately patterned, chunky knit sweaters and garments have flooded online store spaces in 2020, and are predicted to stay for the foreseeable future. This trend has resurfaced due to the demand for elevated lounge-wear that allows for elegance while working from home. Patchwork and patterned knits vary in complexity. This allows you to layer and experiment with other niche fashion trends, such as the ones listed below. My favourite way of utilizing this trend is layering a thick knitted argyle or houndstooth sweater vest with a white blouse and mini skirt!

Boyfriend” Jackets

With the recent rise of vegan leather and female power suit silhouettes, the ‘boyfriend’ jacket trend is bound to blossom in the coming year. Mixing leisure wear with pieces traditionally used in office settings creates an effortlessly chic look; perfect for lounging around the house, or running out for a quick coffee and instagram photo. The oversized fit of the ‘boyfriend’ jacket pairs well with a pair of simple jeans, crop top, and chunky Doc Martens!

Oversized Glasses

Fashion trends naturally ebb and flow. A perfect example of this is the increasing popularity of large-scale eyewear. Not long ago tiny sunglasses were all the rage. The smaller and the more colourful, the better! However, this is no longer the case. As seen in Emma Chamberlain’s trend setting Instagram pictures, large sunglasses are a staple to elevate a casual look. Accessories are powerful when used correctly. You can expect to spot this detail on your favourite influencers in the months to come. Anna Wintour never abandons her iconic grandiose frames - why should you? Go rummaging through your Mom or Grandma’s closet to find some 60s inspired shades!

Regardless of your relationship to fashion, 2021 will be an interesting year to follow the changes occurring within the industry. The pandemic challenged the necessity of the business and brought hardship to many small vendors. 2021 will hopefully bring a new sense of meaning to the fashion industry that will filter down to us - the customers. May the New Year bring good fortune and good fashion to us all!

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