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Lance Sanchez: The Interview Series

Interviewer: Marley Melbourne

Interviewee: Lance Sanchez

MM: Hey Lance! Thank you so much for interviewing with “CASUAL” Zine. This interview is all about getting to know you, your photography career, and your plans for the future. Before we get started with the questions, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

LS: Hey my name is Lance Sanchez I’m originally from Rockaway Beach New York and currently living in orange county California. I am 19 and for the longest time I’ve had a passion for creating content. These past few years 3 to 4 years have been some of the most extraordinary life changing events in my life and I am so thankful for what’s been happening whether it be small or big but every single step is a new chapter and every year and every months and every day I work towards a goal to just better my craft and better my network.

MM: Your photography style is vibrant and eye-catching, and it often features the faces of social media's biggest young stars. At this point in time, your career is insanely impressive and your portfolio is outstanding. You’ve built a name for yourself as a creative on Instagram, where you have over 134,000 followers. Do you have any distinct memories from when you first began taking photographs?

LS: My most extinct memory was when at Vidcon 2019 I had bought tickets with my best friend Jacob Ferrufino, aka Ferrufilms, and we were shooting with Chase Hudson at downtown Disney he gives me the phone and it’s his manager on the other line asking us if you we would like to go on tour for two weeks known as the Lights Out Tour and be the photographers and videographers of the tour. It transcended everything that I have now today, on the phone call we had 30 minutes to ask her parents if we could go and from then on it was history. We left that Monday and those two weeks were life-changing for me. It was taking that risk of not knowing but knowing the feeling was right at the right place at the right time to just go ahead and go with no looking back I think taking calculated risks like those is what has gotten me to the point I’ve been at today. More calculated risk where I know a certain outcome but there is still that unknown that I had to over accomplish and get through is where is where it has gotten me today.

MM: You’ve worked with the likes of Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck, Olivia Ponton, and Anna Shumate; just to name a few. To younger photographers, it appears that you have really hit the jackpot in terms of models, and that those models have found a fantastic photographer. How would you describe your experience networking with influencers?

LS: I think it’s reaching out someone I really look towards where I was in the car for 45 minutes driving to community college before the coronavirus was Gary Vee. I remember him saying that before he goes to bed he DM‘s at least 90 people in the same industry that you want to work in and you reaching out and you saying what you can provide and showing what you’re capable of that they’re missing. The influencer maybe needs you to put yourself in that situation. You go out of your way to show how you work and transform their feed and style of photos that they originally have on their page. You do that so many times and someone will be reaching out to you. I think it’s about being humble, approachable, and nice while always making the first best impression so that when you’re not in the room they’re talking about you in great ways. They’ll introduce you to their friends and their friends will introduce you to their friends and I think it’s just building that great networking circle around your name your brand.

MM: On your Instagram account (@xlancesanchez), you clearly show breath in your artistic

capabilities. A photoshoot with Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski features a dramatic and

classic aesthetic, whereas your group shots of Not A Content House were light-hearted and

playful. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

LS: Inspiration from my work come from other people whether that be Matt Como Sam Kolder, Bryant, Rory Kramer also just watching movies watching films watching short films just consuming content I just wanna watch even on TikTok it’s sparked ideas they just come from left field and I love that my mind is always working and sometime is it in my dreams I feel like some of my best photo shoot has come from but I was just sleeping and I write it down when I wake up in the morning The best ideas just come from consuming content.

MM: In terms of videography, you have produced and filmed insane YouTube content for creators like Vinnie Hacker (see Berrics Vlog #3), who you shoot frequently. You also have your own YouTube channel where you recently posted a tutorial on transforming 2D photos into 3D photos. In your opinion, what is the next big videography trend?

LS: I think the next big as a videography trainers that everyone will start to realize on using a camera on TikTok. I feel like TikTok will start to become a platform where how YouTube is where it becomes more professional even more Brandon Paul than it is today I think with the time that could really be a hard hitter and on top of that I think more short form video content is going to be the driving force for the next 10 years no one really wants to watch a video over 10 minutes anymore everyone’s going shorter and I think using our creativity and showing it through short form content will be long lasting.

MM: You evidently have had an outstanding career thus far. Looking to the future, do you have any specific goals that you are hoping to achieve?

LS: Looking to the future I hope to graduate from college I hope that I can on my own production company and I really really want a cool like camera Kalab or doing something with the camera company on a bigger scale not just as a brand ambassador.

MM: Many artists have a message or meaning that they hope to share through their work. Often, it is something larger than themselves, that they feel personally compelled to engage their audience with. Is there a particular message that you hope to convey to your followers?

LS: The particular message I hope to convey to my followers is to be authentic to be you and and to keep creating because making your dreams reality is one of the best possible things you can get out out this life.

MM: Thank you again for participating in this interview. Please use this question to mention

anything else that you wanted to say. “CASUAL” Zine wishes you all the best in the future!

LS: You can find all my social is an @xlancesanchez and my YouTube channel at Lance Sanchez.

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