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why is gen z so in love with the environment?

Written By: Paris Malakian @parismalakian

Edited By: Marley Melbourne @marleymelbourne

Photo By: Caren Chilewitz @carenchilewitz

Gen-Z and Mother Nature seem to have an unbreakable bond that no other generation could match. Seemingly, we are the voice of the earth, and it is our duty to ensure it thrives and grows. Throughout the last couple of years, we've protested and advocated to help raise awareness for this prevalent and pressing issue. It constantly feels like past generations have made huge decisions that are impacting our lives, yet we have no say in the matter. They pat us on our heads and tell us to be quiet, because 'what do we know?' To them, we're 'just kids'. Yet, our generation has started a movement; Our Future, Our Choice. We are no longer staying quiet and waiting for others to find solutions for climate change.

It started with one girl and expanded to six million people. Greta Thunberg’s solo protest caused a domino effect and touched nearly everyone in the world, showcasing that when we put our minds to it, Gen-Z can do anything. In Greta’s words, “The climate crisis is the biggest issue humanity has ever faced." Shockingly enough, there is still a discussion about whether or not climate change really exists. People still believe that climate change is just a hoax, as if the melting ice, rising sea levels, and enhanced greenhouse gas emissions are not convincing enough. It's scary that world leaders and influential change-makers are some of the main people who are still living in that bubble. It’s understandable to not want to accept the harsh reality of climate change, but powerful adults need to come to terms with it now. Generations before us have contributed to the destruction of the earth, and Gen-Z has been left with the job of cleaning the ruins. We need to be the adults in this situation, cleaning up our environment.

The phrase "ignorance is bliss" can't be attributed to this situation because the harsh reality is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from. Instead, "you can run but cannot hide", which many adults are learning now.

So, why is Gen-Z so in love with the environment? It's a simple answer, the Earth is our home, and it's our job to protect it. The clock is running out of time for saving our beloved Earth. On behalf of Gen-Z; Your welcome, Earth, we came just in time!

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