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Euphoria Makeup

Written By: Sophia Hopper

Image Credit: HBO Euphoria

If you don’t know what Euphoria is let me tell you. One of HBO’s most popular shows, Euphoria tells the gritty story of multiple high schoolers, and their struggles living in a society built around social media and the internet. While the acting, music, and storyline are amazing, what gave the show a lot of its popularity was it’s unique and expressive makeup.

Each character has their own aesthetic and makeup type, ranging from sharp lines and bright colors to soft and blended pastels. What all these looks have in common, however, is its use of gemstones and glitter. There isn’t one look on the show that doesn’t give off shine, which people really liked since it was a big change from the nude and matte eyeshadows that had been trending.

So as soon as the show aired, people’s feeds and timelines became flooded with those iconic and sparkly looks, either doing an exact look from the show or customizing it to fit their own aesthetic, which is the main reason people liked it so much. Plus it doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it describes you and your personality. So go pick up a pack of gems, choose your favorite makeup, and go make your version of a euphoria look!

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