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interview with oweo

Interviewer: Marley Melbourne @marleymelbourne

Interviewee: Sammy Gimbut @oweo


1. Who started this brand? Tell us about yourself.

Oweo was founded by two high schoolers, Sammy and Emily. Sammy is wonderfully creative and comes up with all of the designs and media for the brand. While Emily takes care of customer service, shipping, and most of the behind the scenes stuff.

2. What is the basic info we need to know about this business?

We're currently a jewelry business with a couple of clothing options available but we hope to expand to more artwork related clothing in the future.

3. What inspired the creation of this business?

The idea for this brand originally stemmed from artwork and doodles that Sammy would draw in his notebooks, we both thought that it would look great on clothes but we had no idea where to start, so we started selling jewelry. We took small steps financially to gain enough money for where we are today.


4. Is there a message you're trying to convey through your clothing?

This business is inspired by the wacky and odd differences in all of us that need to be highlighted and embraced rather than shamed.


5. How has social media impacted your company growth?

Social media is the biggest help we've had while running this business. It's especially helpful since we're both teens and know Instagram and TikTok like the back of our hand. It's saved us hundreds in social media marketing, as we do not take the typical approach to it. Most of our marketing comes from TikTok, if you know our founder Sammy, there is a high possibility that you had found him on TikTok. He has over 100k followers and has a good understanding of the TikTok for 'you page' algorithm which helps us drive traffic to our Instagram page.

6. What tips do you have for young entrepreneurs and online businesses?

A helpful tip is to start small. Many YouTubers support getting a loan to start your business whether it be Depop or Etsy. However, realistically speaking this is not a possibility for many of us. Instead, try starting small with money you've saved up; this can be anywhere from 20 dollars to 100. Try to sell ALL of whatever you have bought with that money and reinvest your profit. Try not to spend any of the money you've made on things that don't relate to your business.

7. How many employees do you have and what are their roles?

As stated earlier we only have two employees. Sammy takes care of marketing and design. He has designed all of our artwork from the logos to t-shirt designs. Emily takes care of customer service, shipping and taxes. However, during restock season we occasionally get help from family. Other roles that are a part of Oweo are our models. Most of our models are close friends that agree to model in exchange for clothing or jewelry!

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