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Adrienne Reau: The Interview Series

Interviewer: Marley Melbourne (founder of "CASUAL" Zine)

Interviewee: Adriennne Reau (@ageorama on Instagram: content creator)

MM: Hi Adrienne! I hope you are as excited as I am for this interview. As a social media influencer with 200,000 followers on your TikTok, Instagram, Depop, and Youtube combined, you surely have a unique perspective to share with “CASUAL” Zine readers. Before we begin, I want to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to our audience.

AR: Hi Marley! Thank you so much for having me be a part of this awesome magazine. This will be my first interview, so I am very excited! My name is Adrienne Reau, I am a 24-year-old professional dancer, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, who recently discovered the world of online fashion influencing during quarantine. I graduated with a degree in Dance back in 2017, and landed a job singing and dancing on Carnival Cruise Ships right after college! Due to the pandemic, I was unfortunately laid off, and I moved back home with my parents who now live in Florida! I’m just a tall, goofy girl who is obsessed with making art, shopping, cats, and tiktok!

MM: Your Instagram bio reads “welcome to my wardrobe”. It is a catchy debut which prefaces the rest of your feed. The majority of your content highlights your favourite outfits and brands. How would you describe your overall clothing aesthetic?

AR: I feel like my aesthetic changes day by day. That’s what I love so much about fashion, you can just play dress up and transform into whatever character you feel like that being that day. If I had to describe it, I would say my aesthetic is Bratz doll meets 90s model-off-duty meets Pinterest baddie! LOL.

MM: You have documented your style choices from all around the world on your Instagram. Croatia, Italy, and the Carribean are just a few of the locations which have become backdrops to your outfit photos. Has international travel had an influence on your fashion choices?

AR: You know what, I’ve travelled all over the world and somehow my biggest fashion influences come from the internet. Of course I spend a lot of time people-watching when I’m travelling and will take mental notes of outfits that I like, but I wouldn’t say that it has really influenced my fashion sense that I have now. Perhaps if I travelled to Paris or Milan during fashion week I would have a different answer. :) Most of my fashion inspo comes from pinterest and instagram, or my idols Emma Chamberlain, Devon Lee Carlson, and Bella Hadid!

MM: Frequently, you collaborate with fashion brands like Boohoo and Oh Polly. When brands send you clothing, you often post about it on your Instagram account while endorsing the product. How do you go about securing brand deals?

AR: My biggest tip for securing a brand deal is to make sure you have a polished media kit that you can email to all of your favorite brands. A media kit is like a job resume, but for social media. My media kit is very colorful to match my personality, and contains lots of photos and examples of my previous collaborations. It also shows all of my follower demographics and account statistics, this way I can “pitch” myself to a brand. I just googled examples and made my own on photoshop!

MM: Recently, you have made several viral videos on TikTok! Your “Unboxing My Dream Shoes” video gained over 328,000 views, and your “Dressing my Mom Like Me” video gained over 415,000 views. How has TikTok enabled you to expand your audience? What is your advice for creating a successful TikTok video?

AR: I truly owe everything to TikTok. The viral success of my small business, all of my instagram followers, all of the brands I’ve been able to work with; it’s all because of Tiktok! It has allowed me to have a second creative outlet (other than dancing), and it has allowed me to share my ideas and my creativity worldwide. It has also connected me to all of my amazing internet friends who are just as obsessed with clothes as I am. I wish I had all the secrets to making a viral TikTok video, but it’s truly just luck! Sometimes my videos will hit 4 million views, other times they will tank at only 2000, there’s no way of telling if it’s going to be successful or not. I just make sure I have good lighting, trendy songs, and unique concepts just in case it does go viral.. I never half-ass anything! ;)

MM: You have posted a few videos on your YouTube channel, including an I Am Gia try-on haul and a style bundle unboxing. Do you have plans for future content on YouTube? What direction do you hope to take your channel in the future?

AR: Believe it or not, I’ve tried so hard to be a youtuber since middle school. I would post fashion videos, room tours, and the occasional make-up tutorial, but it never really stuck. I think talking in front of a camera is a whole new talent that I have not mastered yet. Plus, how am I supposed to keep up with all of these youthful Gen Z’ers who have all the hilarious editing styles down to a science?! It is however one of my New Year's Resolutions to make more aesthetically pleasing and entertaining youtube videos, so keep an eye out for those! :)

MM: On the surface, your social media platforms appear to be focused specifically on fashion styling and brands. You model a variety of outfits, and you even produce your own garments, like your signature “Sock Tops”. Is there any deeper message you aim to convey to your audience?

AR: My big thing is confidence and transparency. I just want to be the role model that my younger self needed. It was hard growing up watching all of these beautiful and virtually flawless influencers (back then we called them beauty gurus LOL), when in reality, it was all staged and fake. I strive to show my followers the behind the scenes, the bloopers, and the way I look with and without makeup or filters. I just want to instill confidence in my followers, and show them that no matter how they look or how they dress, they are beautiful!

MM: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with “CASUAL” Zine! Please use this question to mention anything that you have not previously said. (Also mention any social media accounts that you want to be referenced). All the best, Adrienne!

AR: Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story! You can follow me along on tiktok, instagram and youtube @ageorama, or you can shop my closet, personalized style bundles, or handmade clothing on my depop @agey.

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